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Phone:  01576 205715



Mon-Thu 8:30AM till 4PM

Fri-Sat 8:30AM till 4PM then

6PM till 10PM

Sun 9AM till 3PM



In the evenings we transform the tables to provide a comfortable, relaxed, romantic space to allow you to enjoy our fine range of freshly prepared dishes.

Our aim is to create a fusion of flavours with ideas taken from all round the world.


From Scotland with finest Galloway Beef, Salmon & Game to the Mediterranean with  Fish, Salads, Pastas & Tapas to Asia & the Orient with spicy, delicate & exciting dishes you won't come across every day.

We pride ourselves in catering to all dietary requirements, so whether you are Vegetarian, Vegan or Celiac we constantly try to provide a full range of tasty dishes to suit your tastes.


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